Hex Head Self-drilling Screw Tapping Screw

The tail of the self-drilling screw has a tail-drilling or pointed tail shape, and no auxiliary processing is required. It can be directly drilled, tapped and locked on the set material and basic material, which greatly saves construction time. Compared with ordinary screws, its toughness and holding force are high, and it will not loosen after a long time after combination. It is easy to complete the operation by using safety punching and tapping. Purpose: It is a kind of screw, mainly used for fixing the color steel tile of steel structure and also used for fixing thin plate of simple construction. It cannot be used for metal-to-metal bonding and fixing. Self-drilling screw Material and model There are two kinds of materials: iron and stainless steel. Stainless steel is divided into multiple materials.


Certification:GS, DIN, ISO

Measurement system:Metric

Application: General Industry

Tapping screws type:hex self-drilling screws

Production Name: Self-Drilling Screws

Material: Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel

Standard:: DIN

Size: Client’s Demand

Packing: Carton+pallet


MOQ: 1000PCS