High Quality U Bolt Custom Sizes Chinese Manufacturer

U-bolt, namely riding bolt, English name U-bolt, is a non-standard part, named after U-shaped shape, with threads on both ends that can be combined with nuts, mainly used to fix tubular objects such as water pipes or sheet objects such as The leaf spring of a car is called a riding bolt because it fixes objects in the same way as a person riding on a horse. U-shape is generally used in trucks, it is used to stabilize the car chassis and frame. For example, leaf springs are connected by U-bolts. U-shaped bolts have a wide range of uses, the main purpose: construction and installation, mechanical parts connection, vehicles, ships, bridges, tunnels, railways, etc.

Place of Origin:China

Brand Name: BaoHe


Product name: Pipe Zinc Plated

Material: Steel

Finish: ZINC

Dia/Thread Size:5/16″-18

Inside Length: 3-3/16″

Inside Width:2-1/2″

Style:round type U type V type

Thread Length: According to customers