Waterproof Through Wall Screws Steel Water Stop Anchor Bolt with Flange Bolt

Finish:Plain, customizedProduct name:3 Stage Tie Rod Water Stop Anchor Bolt
Material:Stainless Steel, SteelPackaging Details: Bulk in box
Place of Origin: ChinaSize: As standard
Brand Name:baohePacking: Bulk in box
Standard: ISO, DIN912Surface:Galvanized
delivery time:20days

The wall screw has a reasonable design, simple structure, high tension and pressure, good anti-seepage and environmental protection performance, and convenient installation and disassembly. The technical solution adopted by the wall-piercing screw is: a wall waterproof pair-pull screw, including a support sleeve, which is characterized in that a water stop ring is arranged on the outer circle of the support sleeve, and both ends of the support sleeve are installed A support pad with a circular hole in the center is provided with a pull rod with threads at both ends in the support sleeve, and both ends of the pull rod extend out of the support pad. The wall-through screw has a reasonable design, simple mechanism, high tension and pressure; due to the use of water-swellable sealing materials, it has good anti-seepage performance; due to the elimination of the welded water retaining plate, the reusable tie rod and the reduction of the number of pipe fittings Not only saves a lot of steel, reduces the pollution of construction to the environment, but also makes installation and disassembly very convenient.